“Joanna’s Stress and Burnout Program was an incredibly grounding and empowering experience. Through it, I learned a variety of practical strategies to unpack personal challenges and to build on personal and professional strengths. Joanna’s personal stories and wisdom grounded in experience was enlightening and instinctive. Thanks Joanna for an amazing experience.”   -Yaya Y.

“After each session I was filled with positive energy. The program looks at the teacher as a whole person and cares for their spiritual, physical emotional and mental wellbeing. It provides excellent skills, strategies and tools for coping with stress and provides useful and honest information on situations that teachers will likely experience and how to handle them in a healthy way.”   – Sophie W

This course was very useful for helping me be more mindful and balanced when I felt overwhelmed with stress and busyness. Joanna gave us really practical tools, and worksheets and created a safe and reflective space, and really helped me find ways to relieve my stress.”    -Diana A

“I have learned so much from this. These strategies and teachings will stay and grow with me throughout my teaching career. I will be forever grateful using these tools to deal with my stresses as a teacher.Thank you!”     -Dino R

“Joanna’s Stress and Burnout Program has been an invaluable experience and a much welcomed antidote to the stories of teacher burnout. It has provided me with practical tools to assert my needs as a person in a teaching environment. Joanna’s welcoming nature and willingness to share her journey set a tone of openness and acceptance for us to do the same.”        -David Q

“Joanna Krop is a passionate person whose perspective on the world, on our culture and the way we survive it is constantly evolving. Her focus is on a healthy spiritual and emotional life and she encourages people to take charge of their own. She is supportive and energetic.”    -Angela M