The smartest path to teaching without burning out, that bypasses the useless advice  from people who just don’t get what a teachers job is really like, begins with a great community.

Join the Teachers’ Healing Mentoring Circle

Dear Loving, Dedicated Teachers:

Please. Stop.

Your life purpose is not to burnout from a profession you love.

Your soul purpose is not to be berated and blamed for your stress.

I understand what burnout is – I used to be there.

I used to cry in my car after work … and I know I’m not the only one!

The sheer exhaustion of marking and prepping until 2 am daily, early morning extracurriculars, the professional dissatisfaction of never having enough time or resources to teach the way I thought my students deserved, problematic policies and politics, a never-ending to-do list for school activities, worrying over students with personal problems that ate at my soul. I loved my job but I didn’t love how I felt. Yet I never even considered that I was stressed out. I just thought that was normal – the normal life of a teacher.

So – don’t take another step in the direction of stress.

Join the Teachers’ Healing Mentoring Circle.

It’s completely free.

You’ll receive:

The fast and fabulous mini-lesson:

 Discover the 5 Soul-Sucking Teaching Practices that are Keeping you Stuck in Burnout

– and come away with learning to do this instead:

  • Create Time with the 5D framework
  • Have better boundaries using the 6 Principles of Professional Caring
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout
  • Gain Clarity about your own teaching by tuning in to your experience
  • Show down using the 3Rs of Burnout Resistance
  • Stop putting your needs last
  • Use the Aligning Practice for making Empowered choices

A 2-minute heart meditation to relieve stress fast

An invitation to join the private Facebook Group for the Teachers’ Healing Mentoring Circle where we’ll post about:

  • Perspectives for a healing mindset
  • Strategies to reclaim your wellbeing
  • A real-life understanding of teachers’ work lives – I’ve been in the trenches!
  • Respect of teachers’ needs.
  • A place for teachers to connect.


And you won’t find anything else like it

Have you been told:

“If you really loved your job, you wouldn’t be stressed.”

“You need to improve your teacher efficacy and then you won’t be so stressed.”

“If you are burning out, you need to just suck it up and deal with it.”


What kind of abusive advise is that?!

Here, we don’t blame the teacher.

Most teacher stress stuff out there all says the same thing to relieve stress. Things like:

Drink more water. Sure. Obviously a teacher didn’t come up with this. We all know what happens when you leave your class unattended for a pee-break.

Get more sleep. Yes. Right – would that be in the 3 hours between finishing prep at 2 am and waking up to get ready for the day at 6?

Don’t forget to exercise. Ok. Does walking around at yard duty count?

Of course these things and other ideas like eating healthier and doing some relaxation or meditation – these all make sense – but

None of that works in combatting teacher stress in a meaningful way.

Stress is normalized in teaching – isn’t that just what everyone does?

No wonder teacher stress is an epidemic eating away at the soul of our profession.

Forget about getting more sleep, drinking more water, exercising or sitting on your yoga mat for a minute…

Tell me, how can you ever have wellbeing if you are constantly trying to adjust yourself to normalized stress ? Psychologists have a term for that kind of emotional dissonance – it’s called an adjustment disorder.

Students aren’t the problem. Teachers aren’t the problem. Principals aren’t the problem. It’s the culture of teaching – from pre-service to in-service – that sets teachers up to burnout.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Join the Teachers’ Healing Mentoring Circle to get started on your journey back to yourself and away from burnout.

You already know how to teach. You don’t need another in-service on being a better teacher, collecting more tips, techniques, tools, technology, and testing. Stop wasting time doing what you don’t need. And spend your precious time doing what will help.

Putting teacher wellbeing first allows students and schools can thrive.