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Guess what? Teacher Burnout isn’t part of your job description!

Wondering how you, the smart, dedicated, passionate teacher, got stuck in burnout?

You don’t need to meditate more. You don’t need to manage your time better. You don’t need to build resilience. You don’t need to quit your job.

Teaching kids used to light you up, now the only thing lit up is your desk lamp while you are marking & prepping at 2am after a long day of giving your all. You’ve done it, I’ve done it, your teachers did it and the teachers before them did it too – but it’s not your fault – teacher burnout has been documented since the 1800s!!

That changes today!

Your soul told you were meant to be a teacher – you know there is a deeper purpose to why you are in the classroom – it fuels you and it impacts the kids you work with – but the trade-off should not be burnout.

Burning out only means that your soul wants you to stay in teaching, but it wants you to break away from teaching in a way that drains your life energy. Breaking away from burnout is not complicated. There’s a very practical side to doing this and a side that honours and evolves your soul’s call to teach. We need to do both. Breaking away from burnout is an activation to go beyond what we are told teaching looks like to a higher evolution of your soul expression in teaching.

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